Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How to Choose Authentic Herbs and Spice Suppliers in Malaysia

Malaysia is well-known for its flavourful cuisine, and you can tell that they are infused with authentic herbs and spices. If you are planning to make your own Malaysian meals at home, you need to get the best herbs and spices available straight from Malaysia. Here’s how to choose an authentic herb and spice supplier:

Look for Halal certification – The Halal seal is more than just a mark indicating that the product is suitable for Muslims—it is also a stamp of quality. Manufacturers have to go through very stringent testing before they can get a Halal certification. Halal food must have positive health benefits and needs to be produced at the highest standards in terms of purity and cleanliness.

Learn more about the supplier’s clients – Does the supplier cater to large companies, like groceries and food manufacturers? That can be a good sign of authenticity.

Check the manufacturing location– The best suppliers usually have their operations based in Malaysia. You can also check where the suppliers source their raw materials.

Try and test – Herbs and spices are not that expensive, so you can afford to buy small packets of herbs and spices offered by different suppliers and try them all at home to see what suits your taste.

Check safety standards – If you want to cook delicious and healthy meals, be sure to check if the suppliers follow all applicable food safety laws. It helps if the supplier fulfils HACCP standards and is accredited by the Ministry of Health.

Check the packaging – Make sure to read the packaging of the herbs and spices you will purchase. The wrappers of authentic herbs and spices are usually well-detailed and provide relevant information, including a full list of ingredients, a best-by date, storage instructions, and the contact information of the manufacturer.