Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Cheese Sauce Premixes Adds Yummy Flavour to your Dishes

Cheese sauces can be some of the most versatile ingredients for a wide variety of baked and fried dishes and snacks. They can be used to make vegetables and meat dishes more interesting and flavorful.  Perfecting the cheese sauce should be easy if you have the right recipe and the best ingredients, but you should not have to struggle choosing the best cheeses when you use a high-quality premix. With a cheese sauce premix, you should be able to create a rich and cheesy sauce quickly and easily. It is sold in powder form and it turns into a yummy cheese sauce with just a bit of water (usually 1.5 parts water) and a bit of simmering (around 15 minutes).

A cheese sauce premix can be handy when you are pressed for time. It can be practical if you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort picking ingredients separately, like high-quality cheese, butter, cream, spices, and other ingredients. All you need to do is add the right amount of water to the premix and let it simmer before serving. Cheese sauce premixes can be versatile for creating the perfect kind of sauce. The perfect cheese sauce will depend on the dish you are making and the type of consistency you want to achieve.

There are many ways to use the cheese sauce you have just made. Fondue is one of the most popular ways to serve it, and it can be as simple as cutting a loaf of French bread into cubes and dipping the pieces into cheese sauce. The classic macaroni and cheese recipe can be enhanced with the cheese sauce, too. If you added vegetables, such as broccoli, people who do not like it may find them more tolerable to eat when doused in cheese sauce. Cheese sauce can be added to baked or mashed potatoes, as well as to rice, to create a more interesting and flavorful texture.

4 Essential Spices You Should Have in Your Kitchen

There are many different spices for cooking, but you do not need to buy all of them to stock up in your kitchen, thinking you might need to use them one day. In fact, most kitchens will require only a few essential spices for daily cooking requirements. Knowing what those spices are will make it easier to spice up and improve the flavor of any dish. Of course, you need to know the right way to combine or use them, so you can achieve aromatic and flavorful dishes, change or enhance the color of some dishes, and boost the taste of certain food. Here are the four essential spices you should have in your kitchen:

1. Black peppercorn – Buy peppercorns whole instead of pre-ground. Their slight pungency produced by freshly cracked and ground pepper can make a big difference in the taste and appeal of the dish, making them the widely used and well-loved around the world. They add more flavor and heat to any dish, too. Their versatility allows them to be used on pastas, soups, fried food, and many other dishes.

2. Chili powder – This spice is typically a mixture of cumin, powdered dried chilies, oregano, and coriander, and typically used in Southwestern and Mexican dishes. It comes in different heat or level of spiciness, and some manufacturers offer them in smoked versions.

3. Cayenne pepper – Cayenne is a small and spicy red pepper used in bottled hot sauces, but it is widely popular in Indian and Cajun recipes. Cayenne pepper is a versatile powdered spice that can be used for a variety of dishes to spice them up. The spice is known for its ability to boost your metabolism and for its healing capabilities, too.

4. Curry powder – Curry may have been popularized by Indian dishes, but it is widely used in Malaysian, Singaporean, and some Japanese dishes, too. The powder is typically composed of up to 20 kinds of spices, such as cumin, turmeric, and coriander. Consider the Madras type if you want more heat.

Secrets to Perfect Cheese Sauce and How to Use It

Cheese sauce can be one of the most versatile sauces you can use for a wide variety of dishes. Depending on how you make it, cheese sauce can be added to pastas, salads, and sandwiches, or used as flavorful dips for chips, fried food, vegetables, and snacks. Creating the perfect cheese sauce does not have to be hard when you have the right ingredients and seasonings. Just be sure to use only the highest-quality and certified Halal ingredients to make sure that your cheese sauce can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their religious belief. Here are some secrets to creating the perfect cheese sauce:

• Add milk to the roux – The roux is a mixture of butter and flour cooked together, and adding milk to it will help you form a richer base for your cheese sauce. Be sure to add the cheese while the mixture of roux and milk is still hot, so it can melt and combine seamlessly with it.

• Use high fat milk – To achieve a smoother and richer sauce, use milk products that contain higher amount of fat. Skim milk may be used, too, but you have to be extra patient as it may take longer for the cheese sauce to thicken with it.

• Gradually add the cheese – Instead of dumping all the cheese into the pot, add it in batches to prevent lumps from forming. Remember to whisk as you continue cooking the cheese sauce. That way, the cheese can melt slowly and combine seamlessly with the roux and milk to create a creamy, rich, and thick sauce.

• Remember: Use a whisk, not spoon – The whisk has prongs that can break up the lumps and keep the cheese sauce smooth.

Here’s one last tip: If you want ultimate convenience, use a Cheese Sauce Premix from a leading manufacturer and supplier of spices. Just mix it with water, and that’s it—your sauce is ready to serve!

5 Key Things about Malaysia Seasoning Manufacturers

Seasonings can easily make your dishes and food more flavorful, but you need to be careful when choosing where you buy them. They mainly consist of salt, spices, food additives, sugar, and MSG, and they are typically added to chips, fried chicken, nuggets, and fries. To ensure the highest-quality seasonings, buy only from reputable and experienced seasoning manufacturers. Here are five things you should know about Malaysia seasoning manufacturers.

1. They are ‘seasoned’ themselves – Leading Malaysia seasoning manufacturers have at least a decade of experience in making and supplying seasonings for local Halal food businesses and industries. They are established brands locally and in Asia, too, with food service businesses, noodle makers, food processing companies, and sauce manufacturers as some of their trusted customers. 

2. The products are certified Halal – Local seasoning manufacturers carry products that have been certified as Halal by JAKIM Malaysia. That way, you can be certain that you are buying and using products that will not cause you to go against any religious beliefs. Halal seasonings are manufactured to the highest standards, too, so you can be sure that you are using safe and high-quality flavoring on your food.

3. They are reliable exporters – Reputable seasoning manufacturers in Malaysia are trusted by many clients in other countries, like China, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. Exporters are serious about meeting and exceeding the strictest manufacturing and quality standards.

4. They follow safety standards – Malaysia seasoning manufacturers know food safety laws, like the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards. HACCP is the preventive and systematic approach to food safety that focuses on physical, chemical, and biological hazards during production to ensure that the food is safe and ideal for consumption.

5. They are trusted by well-known companies - Some of the best manufacturers supply their products to well-known companies like Tesco, Village Grocer, McCormick, and Aeon Big.

Oregano Leaves Boost Your Healing Power

Oregano is among the commonly used herbs in different cuisines around the world. Not only is it notable for its aroma—it also distinctively adds some zest to dishes. Apart from its smell and taste, the oregano is notable for its healing and nutritional properties. In fact, it is one of nature’s antibiotics because it is rich in many vitamins, antioxidants, and other compounds that are beneficial to your health. For instance, oregano oil is known for its powerful anti-fungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, yeast-inhibiting, antihistamine, and antibiotic properties. Antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids—all of which give the herb its distinctive aroma—are known to add further medicinal properties to it, too.

Oregano leaves are ingested to deter indigestion, camping, and infections. The herbs help the digestive tract relax, so they help ease your stomach especially when you have had a heavy meal. They contain a minimum of four compounds that work to soothe coughing and other respiratory issues, and around 19 chemicals with antibacterial benefits that may help minimize body odor. The same compounds are known to help prevent oxidative cell damage, too. Hence, consuming oregano leaves may reduce your risk of developing a chronic condition, like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Active compounds in oregano leaves target root of conditions like osteoporosis, chronic inflammation, headaches, chronic fatigue, allergies, and dirty colons, without causing any harmful side effect. A study conducted by the UAE University discovered that oregano targets cancer by triggering cancer cell death. Hence, consuming oregano leaves may help your body increase its ability to kill malignant cancer cells, while safeguarding your healthy cells.

Fresh oregano leaves are often preferred due to their superior flavor, but you can consider the dried version, too, as long as, it is non-irradiated and organically grown. Hence, be sure to buy herbs only from a reputable manufacturer of herbs and spices. High-quality dried oregano leaves are steam sterilized and sourced from reputable food suppliers.

Good Source of Protein in Flour: Black Eye Beans

The tasty legumes that feature in diets are actually protein rich super foods that have a positive impact on health. Gram for gram they offer great advantages in terms of nutrition. In addition to the protein content in black eye beans, it also offers good fibre content which makes it a well-rounded and wholesome food. More often than not, the search for a protein rich diet ends up neglecting a well-balanced diet that should ideally include fibres. And these wonder legumes offer great balance in terms of protein and fibre. Here are interesting facts that show why black eye beans need to be stocked in your kitchen.

Meets more than half the recommended dose of fibre intake

These legumes by themselves meet more than half the recommended daily dose of fibre intake for adults. This makes it essential to feature in the daily diet of individuals. One of the most neglected aspect of nutrition has been low fibre intake which leads to many complications. Black eye beans are a good source of fibre, which also helps to keep the person feeling full for a longer period of time. This makes it the ideal food partner for weight management.

A cup of black eye beans per day will help energise work outs

With adequate nutrition in each cup of black eye beans, it becomes the best supplement to energise work outs. The carbohydrates, the proteins, the fibre and the water content all combine to make it the idea natural supplement to be consumed by individuals hitting the gym. With the right kind of preparation, the beans can turn relishing. Another advantage of the beans are the bone strengthening advantage, in addition to the spooning that actually helps the heart function better.

Lower sodium levels to maintain blood pressure

Sodium levels have a direct bearing on the blood pressure levels. Black eye beans have lower sodium levels making it ideal to battle blood pressure. The potassium, calcium and magnesium combine with the lower sodium levels to manage blood pressure levels at a healthy range. Blood pressure that is managed at the right levels contributes to a healthier body, and black eye beans have the distinction of helping to keep blood pressure within threshold levels.