Monday, 14 November 2016

Finding the Best Spices Manufacturer in Malaysia

The secret to Malaysia’s flavourful dishes is the use of authentic and high-quality herbs and spices. Hence, it makes sense to purchase only the finest spices from the best spices manufacturer in Malaysia if you are thinking of recreating famous Malaysian dishes at home. Here are some tips on finding the best spice manufacturer:

  Learn about the manufacturer’s background – Find out how long they have been in business and the types of customers who buy from them. One of the leading spice manufacturers in Malaysia has been making and supplying high-quality spices to leading supermarkets, retail outlets, food manufacturers and processors, caterers, hypermarkets, and wholesalers.

  Make sure the manufacturer is certified Halal – The Halal seal must be displayed prominently on the manufacturer’s products to indicate that the spices are suitable to be consumed by Muslims. Likewise, the seal is a mark of quality, since manufacturers must go through strict testing and certification before they can be qualified to have that seal on their products. Halal spices are pure and clean, and produced to the highest standards.

  Look for HACCP certification – Manufacturers that are HACCP certified are guaranteed and proven to follow food safety regulations and standards. Be sure that the manufacturer is accredited by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, too.

  Sample the spices – Spices are typically affordable, so consider ordering small packets from at least two different spices manufacturers in Malaysia and try them to determine which products are best for your taste. While you are at it, be sure to review the packaging of their products. Reputable manufacturers will disclose all relevant information about the spices, such as best-by date and the ingredients. There should be instructions on how you can store the spices, too, along with how you can get in touch with the manufacturer should you have any questions or complaints about the products.