Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Few Famous Malaysian Dishes Using Salted Eggs

Malaysia is no stranger to creative use of even the simplest and humblest of ingredients. Just recently, salted egg made food blog headlines as a trendy dish staple, making its way into street food stalls and restaurant menus, island-wide, and even spilling over neighbouring south-eastern countries. The distinct sweet, salty, almost creamy taste that salted egg adds to almost any dish is the main reason why people simply can’t resist its tasty goodness. Nowadays, salted egg can be seen in/with everyday dishes, from fried chicken to doughnuts. 

Although the salted egg phenomenon is relatively new, Malaysian cooking has always been fond of the unique flavour the ingredient adds to food. Thanks to the ubiquity of salted egg flavouring, unique offshoots of salted egg dishes were born including:

Charcoal buns with salted egg yolk filling – This sweet and salty treat is not your typical custard egg bun. It is a flavourful explosion of delicious bittersweet charcoal bun, mixed with the savoury salted egg custard. A definite must try, this salted egg concoction can be found in some of the most popular dim sum places in Malaysia. Some versions of the dish have also reached foreign lands through local Malaysian and Chinese restaurants.

Sweet potato fries with a side of salted egg yolk dip – People like French fries with all kinds of dips and sauces. Thanks to the salted egg craze, the salted egg yolk dip was born, overthrowing popular French-fry sides like ketchup and mayonnaise (at least by avid salted egg fan standards). 

Salted egg cronut – An amalgamation of two popular food trends—the cronut and the salted egg yolk sauce—this delicious tasting salted egg yolk cronuts attracts lines of people wherever they are found. Local patisseries and caf├ęs offer this delectable treat that features a croissant donut, filled and topped with the sweet, savoury sauce.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Few Malaysian Cheese Powders Delicacies

Cheese sauce may not originally be part of Malaysian cuisine, there is no denying its ability to make certain dishes taste richer and more extraordinary. Malaysian cheese powders can be versatile ingredients that can add more texture and flavor to some local dishes. The best powders are made by local manufacturers who understand Malaysian taste buds, and have therefore developed products to specifically suit local palate while being versatile enough to be used for western dishes. Here are some examples of delicacies where Malaysian cheese powder is used:

Cheesy garlic naan – Garlic and cheese sauce can make homemade naan so much tastier that you might find yourself eating more. The cheese sauce and garlic elevates the naan’s flavor and texture. To get started, brush the Indian flat bread with melted garlic butter, then prepare the cheese sauce. You can either dip the naan into the cheese or pour the cheese over it.

You can use the same cheese sauce if you have stuffed curry naan, too. The cheese should give an interesting twist to the curry stuffed inside the bread.

Curry noodles with cheese – You can make this using instant noodles in curry flavor, then pour the cheese sauce over it. Consider adding some shredded carrots, sliced cabbage, and broccoli as toppings.

Cheesy Malaysian-style fried chicken – Inche kabin in Nyonya-style will taste great with spices like coriander and turmeric, which are added before deep-frying. The dipping sauce is typically made of calamansi lime, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce, but you can skip that and use Malaysian cheese powder for added flavor. Sprinkle the powder over the chicken or put a chicken in a container where you can easily shake it to let the cheese powder mix well with it.

Oyster omelet – Transform a seemingly ordinary dish with cheese powder. You can make cheese sauce and put it inside the omelet, or use it to drizzle over the cooked product.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

How to Cook Mouthwatering Recipe Using Fried Chicken Flour?

Want to learn how to cook fried chicken to lip-smacking perfection? The secret is proper preparation and using the right fried chicken flour. Below we have listed some of the little things you can do to improve the taste of your fried chicken so you can impress your friends and family—especially your picky-eater kids.

1. Cut up the pieces properly.

Pre-butchered chicken is very easy to get from the market or grocery store. This is a convenient and smart option especially if you are not skilled with a cleaver. However, if you prefer cutting up your bird, make sure to cut pieces in good frying portions—not too big that they are prone to undercooking, and not too small that they get easily burnt. This is very important, so take your time.

2. Make your signature marinade.

A succulent fried chicken begins with a good marinade that keeps your cut up pieces at their peak juiciness. Whether you prefer buttermilk or brine, make sure to soak the chicken well overnight before proceeding with the cooking. Many experts recommend keeping chicken soaked in the fridge for at least 24 hours, but not exceeding 48 hours.

3. Season generously with your fried chicken flour.

Letting your chicken sit in buttermilk or brine is not enough. If you really want crispy perfection, use a
good Halal fried chicken flour seasoned with delicious Malaysian and Arabic spices. You can’t go wrong with a spicy fried chicken premix.

4. Get the right oil temperature.

Cook your chicken at around 335-degrees Fahrenheit heat, which is arguably the best temperature to cook fried chicken that is crispy on the outside but moist and fully cooked on the inside. Keep a thermometer handy to make sure you have the right temperature as you cook through the rest of your batch.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How to Make Perfectly Delicious Dishes with Fried Chicken Flour

Fried chicken is an all-time favorite dish regardless of the occasion. It is a comfort food that can be enjoyed with a wide array of side dishes and beverages, too. While it should be easy to make, it can be challenging to master, especially if you decide to make the flavoring from scratch. Even if you follow online recipes, the process could take long enough that you may end up preferring to buy take-out chicken instead. This is where you can consider using fried chicken flour to make the best-tasting fried chicken at home.

Fried chicken flour is made by reputable seasonings, herbs, and spice manufacturers in Malaysia. The product makes it easier to make your food taste the way you want it to taste. Whether you use the regular flavor or go for something different, like BBQ or garlic and cheese, you can reduce the time it takes to prepare your meal, and you can enjoy your fried chicken much sooner.

Versatility is a surprising aspect of fried chicken flour. Despite the name, you can consider using it for other dishes, too. Use it to make flavored potato wedges and slices, onion rings, and SPAM fries. Use the fried chicken flour as their batter before throwing them into the fryer and cook them until you have achieved the crispiness that you want. You can use fried chicken flour to add a unique flavor profile to deep-fried seafood dishes, like batter-coated cream dory, squid, and shrimp, too.

You need to be careful when using fried chicken flour to make delicious dishes. For instance, if you are making fried chicken, do not fry it without defrosting, especially if it came straight from the freezer. Doing so will cause the cooking oil’s temperature to be uneven and make the skin less crispy. Hence, be sure to let the chicken or any other frozen ingredient defrost at room temperature for at least 30 minutes prior to coating and frying.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Cheese Sauce Premixes Adds Yummy Flavour to your Dishes

Cheese sauces can be some of the most versatile ingredients for a wide variety of baked and fried dishes and snacks. They can be used to make vegetables and meat dishes more interesting and flavorful.  Perfecting the cheese sauce should be easy if you have the right recipe and the best ingredients, but you should not have to struggle choosing the best cheeses when you use a high-quality premix. With a cheese sauce premix, you should be able to create a rich and cheesy sauce quickly and easily. It is sold in powder form and it turns into a yummy cheese sauce with just a bit of water (usually 1.5 parts water) and a bit of simmering (around 15 minutes).

A cheese sauce premix can be handy when you are pressed for time. It can be practical if you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort picking ingredients separately, like high-quality cheese, butter, cream, spices, and other ingredients. All you need to do is add the right amount of water to the premix and let it simmer before serving. Cheese sauce premixes can be versatile for creating the perfect kind of sauce. The perfect cheese sauce will depend on the dish you are making and the type of consistency you want to achieve.

There are many ways to use the cheese sauce you have just made. Fondue is one of the most popular ways to serve it, and it can be as simple as cutting a loaf of French bread into cubes and dipping the pieces into cheese sauce. The classic macaroni and cheese recipe can be enhanced with the cheese sauce, too. If you added vegetables, such as broccoli, people who do not like it may find them more tolerable to eat when doused in cheese sauce. Cheese sauce can be added to baked or mashed potatoes, as well as to rice, to create a more interesting and flavorful texture.

4 Essential Spices You Should Have in Your Kitchen

There are many different spices for cooking, but you do not need to buy all of them to stock up in your kitchen, thinking you might need to use them one day. In fact, most kitchens will require only a few essential spices for daily cooking requirements. Knowing what those spices are will make it easier to spice up and improve the flavor of any dish. Of course, you need to know the right way to combine or use them, so you can achieve aromatic and flavorful dishes, change or enhance the color of some dishes, and boost the taste of certain food. Here are the four essential spices you should have in your kitchen:

1. Black peppercorn – Buy peppercorns whole instead of pre-ground. Their slight pungency produced by freshly cracked and ground pepper can make a big difference in the taste and appeal of the dish, making them the widely used and well-loved around the world. They add more flavor and heat to any dish, too. Their versatility allows them to be used on pastas, soups, fried food, and many other dishes.

2. Chili powder – This spice is typically a mixture of cumin, powdered dried chilies, oregano, and coriander, and typically used in Southwestern and Mexican dishes. It comes in different heat or level of spiciness, and some manufacturers offer them in smoked versions.

3. Cayenne pepper – Cayenne is a small and spicy red pepper used in bottled hot sauces, but it is widely popular in Indian and Cajun recipes. Cayenne pepper is a versatile powdered spice that can be used for a variety of dishes to spice them up. The spice is known for its ability to boost your metabolism and for its healing capabilities, too.

4. Curry powder – Curry may have been popularized by Indian dishes, but it is widely used in Malaysian, Singaporean, and some Japanese dishes, too. The powder is typically composed of up to 20 kinds of spices, such as cumin, turmeric, and coriander. Consider the Madras type if you want more heat.

Secrets to Perfect Cheese Sauce and How to Use It

Cheese sauce can be one of the most versatile sauces you can use for a wide variety of dishes. Depending on how you make it, cheese sauce can be added to pastas, salads, and sandwiches, or used as flavorful dips for chips, fried food, vegetables, and snacks. Creating the perfect cheese sauce does not have to be hard when you have the right ingredients and seasonings. Just be sure to use only the highest-quality and certified Halal ingredients to make sure that your cheese sauce can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their religious belief. Here are some secrets to creating the perfect cheese sauce:

• Add milk to the roux – The roux is a mixture of butter and flour cooked together, and adding milk to it will help you form a richer base for your cheese sauce. Be sure to add the cheese while the mixture of roux and milk is still hot, so it can melt and combine seamlessly with it.

• Use high fat milk – To achieve a smoother and richer sauce, use milk products that contain higher amount of fat. Skim milk may be used, too, but you have to be extra patient as it may take longer for the cheese sauce to thicken with it.

• Gradually add the cheese – Instead of dumping all the cheese into the pot, add it in batches to prevent lumps from forming. Remember to whisk as you continue cooking the cheese sauce. That way, the cheese can melt slowly and combine seamlessly with the roux and milk to create a creamy, rich, and thick sauce.

• Remember: Use a whisk, not spoon – The whisk has prongs that can break up the lumps and keep the cheese sauce smooth.

Here’s one last tip: If you want ultimate convenience, use a Cheese Sauce Premix from a leading manufacturer and supplier of spices. Just mix it with water, and that’s it—your sauce is ready to serve!