Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Good Source of Protein in Flour: Black Eye Beans

The tasty legumes that feature in diets are actually protein rich super foods that have a positive impact on health. Gram for gram they offer great advantages in terms of nutrition. In addition to the protein content in black eye beans, it also offers good fibre content which makes it a well-rounded and wholesome food. More often than not, the search for a protein rich diet ends up neglecting a well-balanced diet that should ideally include fibres. And these wonder legumes offer great balance in terms of protein and fibre. Here are interesting facts that show why black eye beans need to be stocked in your kitchen.

Meets more than half the recommended dose of fibre intake

These legumes by themselves meet more than half the recommended daily dose of fibre intake for adults. This makes it essential to feature in the daily diet of individuals. One of the most neglected aspect of nutrition has been low fibre intake which leads to many complications. Black eye beans are a good source of fibre, which also helps to keep the person feeling full for a longer period of time. This makes it the ideal food partner for weight management.

A cup of black eye beans per day will help energise work outs

With adequate nutrition in each cup of black eye beans, it becomes the best supplement to energise work outs. The carbohydrates, the proteins, the fibre and the water content all combine to make it the idea natural supplement to be consumed by individuals hitting the gym. With the right kind of preparation, the beans can turn relishing. Another advantage of the beans are the bone strengthening advantage, in addition to the spooning that actually helps the heart function better.

Lower sodium levels to maintain blood pressure

Sodium levels have a direct bearing on the blood pressure levels. Black eye beans have lower sodium levels making it ideal to battle blood pressure. The potassium, calcium and magnesium combine with the lower sodium levels to manage blood pressure levels at a healthy range. Blood pressure that is managed at the right levels contributes to a healthier body, and black eye beans have the distinction of helping to keep blood pressure within threshold levels.

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