Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Secrets to Perfect Cheese Sauce and How to Use It

Cheese sauce can be one of the most versatile sauces you can use for a wide variety of dishes. Depending on how you make it, cheese sauce can be added to pastas, salads, and sandwiches, or used as flavorful dips for chips, fried food, vegetables, and snacks. Creating the perfect cheese sauce does not have to be hard when you have the right ingredients and seasonings. Just be sure to use only the highest-quality and certified Halal ingredients to make sure that your cheese sauce can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their religious belief. Here are some secrets to creating the perfect cheese sauce:

• Add milk to the roux – The roux is a mixture of butter and flour cooked together, and adding milk to it will help you form a richer base for your cheese sauce. Be sure to add the cheese while the mixture of roux and milk is still hot, so it can melt and combine seamlessly with it.

• Use high fat milk – To achieve a smoother and richer sauce, use milk products that contain higher amount of fat. Skim milk may be used, too, but you have to be extra patient as it may take longer for the cheese sauce to thicken with it.

• Gradually add the cheese – Instead of dumping all the cheese into the pot, add it in batches to prevent lumps from forming. Remember to whisk as you continue cooking the cheese sauce. That way, the cheese can melt slowly and combine seamlessly with the roux and milk to create a creamy, rich, and thick sauce.

• Remember: Use a whisk, not spoon – The whisk has prongs that can break up the lumps and keep the cheese sauce smooth.

Here’s one last tip: If you want ultimate convenience, use a Cheese Sauce Premix from a leading manufacturer and supplier of spices. Just mix it with water, and that’s it—your sauce is ready to serve!

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